Ladycliff Academy 1968

Deus Meus et OmniaThe country was at war. Social turmoil was expressed on the streets. The nation had lost its innocence. Young people everywhere rebelled against “the establishment” through sex, drugs, and rock and roll; however…

In a tiny corner of the world known as Mohegan Lake, a small group of Franciscan nuns tried to preserve the Catholic faith and Christian values while offering a classic education to young women. The lessons were strictly taught, not always followed, but they were learned. Ladycliff Academy’s class of 1968 went out into the world and made its mark.

Who were those young women? We were the daughters of immigrants and working class heroes, of professionals and businessmen who valued education and ethics and the importance of structure in a learning environment. We were the daughters of the woman’s movement and the civil rights movement and the peace movement; the first generation of young woman to “want it all” by giving our all.

Ladycliff Academy, “School for Young Ladies” may no longer exist, but we are its legacy. Strong, independent women with varied lives, we have accomplished so much and have done it with love and laughter. Our time together at Ladycliff was precious, and our memories are treasures to be shared. Bound by our common traditions, experiences, and friendships, it is time to renew and reestablish the ties that helped make us who we are.